She listened patiently as we sat in her lovely and very private incall where I stumbled to explain myself to this stunning beauty. Finally she sent me to the showers then we resumed the conversation on her terms. You cannot imagine the exquisite humiliation of responding to the intimate and embarrassing commands of this much younger woman.

Her place was very clean, and inviting. I took a shower and she poured us some wine to help us relax. She took control and guided the session, and instinctually she knew exactly what to do. She put on a glove and with some lube, pressed my exit button, while we simultaneously spoke untranslated French to each other until our conversation culminated in an earthshattering breakthrough. Wouldn't hesitate to spend more time with Miss Ivy any chance I get.

I've seen Ivy more than a few times over the years, and it just keeps getting better and better. She really knows how to boss a guy around. I would describe my sessions with her as FBSM with a BDSM twist. Just walk in, strip and do what she says. You'll be rewarded.

I went to see Miss Rose not really knowing what to expect. What I got was, after some brief questioning by her, was a kinky, crazy, intense time that was SOOOOO hot! She took her time, made me feel comfortable, and then VERY uncomfortable ! She is the best I've seen in Seattle and can't wait to serve her again soon!

instantly I was in awe of her grace and Beauty. She is not exaggerating when she discusses her experience in the scene and it showed from the moment I walked inside. One look brought me to my knees and I was entranced by her the entire night, though our time together was only an hour. She softly and sweetly seduced me into immediate compliance and was able to mix pain and pleasure in such a way that left my head spinning and my soul yearning to obey and please her in any way I could. I hope that anyone who has the opportunity to meet her takes it, because it is a great honor to be in the presence of a true dominant Goddess and I look forward to further training and service to her.
Thank you so much for being my first Goddess Ivy. I'll never forget you.

I've known Ivy for years and have seen her many times for my recurring redhead addiction. I'm still not sure whether she's the cause or the cure, but either way I always find it a thrill to see her lovely face and have a chance to play together. Not to get too clinical about it, but there's just something about a beautiful redhead whose drapes match her carpets, and who has a wonderfully playful spirit.